Course Outline

Many people comment that one of the highlights of completing our online training is learning about Keyboard Shortcuts; so we’ve packed all of them (plus a few extras) into a dedicated Keyboard Shortcuts course all on their own!

  • 1

    MS Excel Top 40 Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 01 - Shortcuts Overview

    • 02 - Common Shortcuts

    • 03 - Workbook Shortcuts

    • 04 - Formatting Shortcuts

    • 05 - Shortcuts for Selecting Cells

    • 06 - Navigating and Viewing Shortcuts

    • 07 - Shortcuts for Entering Data

    • 08 - Formula Shortcuts

    • 09 - Dragging Shortcuts

    • 10 - The Shortcut Challenge!

    • 11 - Short Feedback Questionnaire

Course Reviews

"Amazing AGAIN. I always used a mouse in Excel, and could for the life of me not understand how some people can do it, and so quickly, without a mouse. I started using the keyboard short cuts, after my Beginner to Advanced course and it was wonderful. It cut my time in half doing spreadsheets. I have learned so much more on keyboard shortcuts today and will definitely use it daily."
Eugene - Isilingi

"I like the conciseness of it. All the necessary information easy to digest and take in and importantly, remember"
Nelly - Entsika

"A very useful course. The facilitator is very good. He explains clearly."
Sibongile - Private

"Very useful and informative especially to a beginner like me. "
Ricael - Private

"Very well presented, usefull!"
George Private