Excel Beginner Course
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4.9 (758 Reviews)

Course Outline

Grasp the key components that make Excel tick, reduce your Excel frustrations and become a lot more efficient when working with Spreadsheets!

  • 1


    • 01 - Welcome to our Excel Beginner Course!

    • 02 - How did you find out about this course?

    • 03 - How to get started

    • 04 - Download the Excel Beginner Work Book

  • 2

    Section 1 - Excel Overview

    • 01 - Excel Components

    • 02 - Ribbons and Commands

    • 03 - Right Click Pop Up Menus

    • 04 - Intro to Keyboard Shortcuts

    • 05 - Highlighting, Replicating & Moving Cells

    • 06 - Excel Overview Recap

  • 3

    Section 2 - Key Essentials

    • 01 - Understanding Numerical Values

    • 02 - Understanding Dates

    • 03 - Understanding Data Ranges

    • 04 - Key Essentials Recap

  • 4

    Section 3 - Data Input

    • 01 - Efficient Data Entry Methods

    • 02 - The Honesty Book - E.g. Intro

    • 03 - Data Entry e.g., plus Tips and Tricks

    • 04 - Spell Checker

    • 05 - Data Input Recap

  • 5

    Section 4 - Autofill

    • 01 - Excel Autofill by Data Type

    • 02 - Excel Autofill on Multiple Cells

  • 6

    Section 5 - Formatting Cells

    • 01 - The 5 Formatting Cells Categories

    • 02 - Using the Formatting Dialogue Box

    • 03 - Tips and Tricks on Selecting a Range

    • 04 - Formatting Tips & Tricks

    • 05 - The 3 different Delete Options

  • 7

    Section 6 - Formatting Worksheets

    • 01 - Formatting Worksheets Intro.

    • 02 - Adjusting Row Height and Column Width

    • 03 - Formatting entire Rows and Columns

    • 04 - Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns

    • 05 - Moving Rows and Columns

    • 06 - Hiding Rows and Columns

    • 07 - Inserting and Deleting Cells

    • 08 - Freeze Panes

  • 8

    Task 1

    • Task 1 - Annual Conference Timetable

  • 9

    Section 7 - Number Formatting

    • 01 - Key Number Formats

    • 02 - Pre-formatted Cells

    • 03 - The 5 Quick Access Commands

    • 04 - Custom Formats

  • 10

    Section 8 - Formulas

    • 01 - Intro to Formulas

    • 02 - The SUM Function

    • 03 - More Functions (COUNT, AVERAGE, MAX & MIN)

    • 04 - Replicating Formula

    • 05 - Recap Exercise 1

    • 06 - Recap Exercise 2

  • 11

    Section 9 - Printing

    • 01 - Printing Options - Custom Headers / Footers, Repeating Header Rows, Printing Gridlines, Page Numbers, Print Scaling, Print Areas and Printing Selection.

    • 02 - Print Example 1

    • 03 - Print Example 2

  • 12

    Stationary Invoice

    • Task 2 - How to Video

  • 13

    Section 10 - Sort and Filter

    • 01 - Sorting

    • 02 - Filtering

  • 14

    Section 11 - Data Visualisation

    • 01 - Graphs and Conditional Formatting

  • 15

    Section 12 - Excels Golden Rules

    • 01 - Absolute Cell References

    • 02 - Applying the Golden Rule

  • 16

    Section 13 - Pivot Tables

    • 01 - Sneak peak at Pivot Tables

  • 17

    Section 14 - Course Evaluation

    • Short Feedback Questionnaire

Course Reviews

"I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Never thought that at 63 I would even try something like Excel. It is not something I use every day but now and again I use the basics. Now I understand the how it works and the shortcuts. Thank you so –so much."
Sarie - King Price

''Incredible course! So well executed and thought out. Thanks Mark for not assuming that I know the "basic basics" - I feel empowered. So looking forward to the Intermediate course next.''

''This is such a good interactive course. I have used excel for a few years now and have learnt so many new tricks. I will definitely do the Intermediate course as well. Thank you so much for the LOCKDOWN SPECIAL''

''Even though I have quite a good understanding of Excel, this course gave me some excellent shortcuts as well as options that I did not know about. Mark is an excellent teacher as he works methodically through the lesson, fully explaining as he goes along. What I also enjoyed was when he repeated some of the information learnt in a previous section to remind one of the shortcuts and options.''

''The course was so informative. I realise just how much I've only been "plodding along" with excel all these years. Am excited to put many of the new tricks I've learned in to practice. Thank you so much !!''

''Was exactly what I've been wanting to learn for the last 7 years''
Ashleigh - Safire Insurance Company Limited

''Brilliant! Excellent presentation.''
Jaco - Husqvarna SA

''I really loved it, its very informative. ''

''Good course for everyone including intermediaries''
EMMANUEL - Entsika Consulting

''Brilliant course. I've been working on Excel for over 20 years and found some very interesting shortcuts and even a few new functions I was a little scared to use. The training was clear and informative. ''

''The course was very informative and explained well with examples. I would definitely recommend this course ''

''This was a very good course for me, eye opening and very informative, giving me the fundamental basics of excel.''
Andile - Wildocean

''As someone that works quite a bit with excel, taking this course opened my mind up a lot to the efficiency and the power that Excel has.''
Bavershan - Huge Telecom

''Very informative. I have always wanted to learn how to calculate formulas and now I have. ''
Ashvani - Safire Insurance

''Thank you for an extremely well put together course , to be honest our employer instructed us to do this during the lockdown I was reluctant as I never really understood how excel worked,the pace and explanation was excellent, I also liked the fact that I could go back if I didn't really understand something. ''
Carryne - Brokoop Insurance Brokers

''I have used EXCEL for a long time, without knowing what I was really doing. It was mostly trial and error. This was an outstanding presentation and has energized me to participate at the next level''

''Couldn't ask for a better way to learn and spend my time ''
Damian - Royal Cape Yacht Club

''I though that I would be wasting my time on the beginners' course, however it was interesting to see how little I actually new! Great to have learn so many new things.''

''Awesome presentation, I could follow the videos easily and practice on the worksheet, some useful tips to work smart. Thank you for the course ''

''It was the best course ever, I discovered many things I did not know about excel.''

Safire - Betty Walton

''Really enjoyed the course. Well presented and easy to follow. Excellent!''
Renier - Brokoop Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

''Excellent for self-taught Excel users! Easy to follow and the worked examples helped to make the information usable and practical!''

''Really well explained .I have used Excel for the past 25 Years , but have learned a lot more now.''
Neville - Husqvarna South Africa

''Enjoyed the course. Well presented and structured, the info boxes on the side helps a lot. Looking forward to the intermediate course.''

''I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was very informative and also easy to understand. What also made a difference is the course instructor/narrator was really good at capturing your interest. I really appreciated the fact that you could practice on the workbook whilst watching the videos and pause them if needs be. Thank you''
Pinkie - Safire Insurance Company Limited

''Great course. Very informative and well explained. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in/needs excel for work.''
Casper - Good Earth Developments

''This course was very helpful to me and i will definitely apply it to my work.''
Roslynne - Safire Insurance Company

''Fantastic course. I have been using Excel for years but this improved my efficiency substantially.''

''Great introduction. I work with Excel daily but still learned a few new tricks and the shortcuts were quite helpful to me.''
Clarisa - Safire Insurance

''Really found this informative and cant wait to do the Intermediate course''
Jonathan - Hsystems

''I think the course was excellent, very informative, well presented and easy to follow.''
Safire - Shereen Jaggernath

''This is very helpful, I have been working with Excel a while and still got very good pointers through this videos. Thank you''
Lezelle - Global Learning Services

''I am a regular user of Excel but still found some interesting tips in the course material. Looking forward to completing the Intermediate course. ''
Wendy - Safire Insurance Company Limited

''I am an Excel user, but found it very refreshing to do the course again. Can't wait to do the next two courses. Would love to do a PowerPoint and Access course the same way.''

''Well done for keeping my attention so well, you have an interesting and clear way of presenting''

''I found the course very informative and enjoyed the humour''

''Very good course. thoroughly enjoy it. Took me a while to finish it, but I worked on it for a few hours over 2/3 days. Knew most of the basics, but really enjoyed the formulas, printing, formatting cells and worksheets. They were all interesting and worth while. Thank you ''

''Wow that was amazing, there was so much that I learnt. Awesome job Guys.''

''I learnt so many new tricks and shortcuts that i did not know before. the printing lessons were the most valuable to me. ''

''I really enjoyed the beginners's course, it was explained carefully so that I could understand. I definitely learnt a lot completing this course and cannot wait to start the Intermediate excel course.''

''Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Clearly informative. Cannot wait to do the Intermediate Course!''
Jennifer - Royal Cape Yacht Club

''Very nifty and useful to anyone from beginner to intermediate. Even an advanced user could pick up a few tips ''

''Great content and very easy to follow.''
Tian - Private

''Awesome! Thank you so much for this training. I have been using Excel for years and I have discovered so many things I wasn't aware of.''
Sthembiso - Barloworld

''Very informative, cannot wait to continue with the Intermediate couse''